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Max - singin’ in the rain :)


Benedict Cumberbatch at the Malaysian Grand Prix

— Malaysian Grand Prix: Sunday —

Apologies in advance for the lack of pictures. My phone cable is with my friend and I can’t charge my phone, neither can I connect it to my computer, so, no pics. 

So, race day!

The traffic jam to the circuit was bad, but not that bad. We got in, parked (I nearly took off my side mirror by going too close to the card scanner, oops), and made our way in. I took pictures at the F1 Village again, then went inside. It was swelteringly hot, after after hitting the restroom we went to our seats, never to emerge therefrom again. At least, not until the race was over! That was at about 2 p.m. I had left my house at noon (when the autograph session was held), and it took me two hours to get there and park. I usually get there in an hour. Pfft.

Nothing much happened, and everything was very subdued, and there were no pre-race events like there usually are, because of that missing plane. We saw the drivers track parade. It was in a bus, and I could barely spot Fer! Kimi was sitting with his BFF Seb (what a surprise! Not) and after that Fer decided to sit on the lower deck of the bus, I’m not sure why. In retrospect, I think he wasn’t feeling well today. And it was very, very hot. And I was sitting in the shade, so I can’t imagine going around on the top level of a bus without any cover. It must have been torture.

The screen showed Benedict at some point, and I got excited. Couldn’t tell which garage he was in, but from all the pictures of him today, I guess he was at Mercedes. But that view of him on screen must have been from earlier that day because I had a very good view of the Merc garage and would have seen him. (Though he was in there during the race but I didn’t see him, lol. I WAS FOCUSSING ON THE VERY TENSE RACE OKAY. I’M AN F1 FAN FIRST AND A BENEDICT FANGIRL SECOND. Also, I only had eyes for my Ferrari boys, and pretty much ignored Mercedes.) And then when everyone got on track in preparation, I saw him chatting with the prime minister. HE GOT TO BE ON THE TRACK. WHILE THE MECHANICS ARE PREPPING THE CARS. I WOULD GIVE A LIMB TO BE ABLE TO BE ON THE TRACK AND WALK AROUND THE CARS ;___; I want to be a famous person too, if this is how you’re treated.

And with only fifteen minutes to go till the race started, Fernando came walking back to the Ferrari garage, which was quite some way. And then Kimi came along too! I got quite worried. And then after some time Kimi emerged and walked back to his car, sparing a wave for his fans yelling his name. BUT FERNANDO DIDN’T COME OUT TILL IT WAS LIKE SEVEN MINUTES TO THE START. I was really worried! I wonder if he was sick.

Anyway, then off the cars popped, and I had fun watching the mechanics head back to the pits. I always enjoy the mad rush back to the garages, somehow. :D Everyone stood up , and I could barely contain my excitement. Then all the cars came back round, and the red lights came on, and then the red lights went out! AND I SCREAMED LIKE CRAZY AAHHHHH IT WAS SO SO SO EXCITING and yeah, you guys watched the race, so there’s no need for me to explain anything.

I was devastated when Kimi’s car got clipped, but at that time I didn’t realise that he’d had a puncture, and all I could see was him going slower and slower and I was so agonised, it was painful. And the Ferrari mechanics changed it so quickly and we roared in approval, and off he went again. And I was so happy when Magnussen was given that penalty. I would have given him a one-minute penalty. He would have deserved it. Kimi had such a fight on his hand after that. I GOT TO SEE HIM OVERTAKE MARCUS ERICSSON. IT WAS SO COOL. He lined up alongside the Caterham on the straight, and he got him at the corner! Great stuff.

Now for Fernando. He did well, but when he got overtaken by Ricciardo I wanted to cry. And then he got stuck behind Hulk, again. And then Daniel had that unsafe release, and I literally saw him stop before my eyes! And the fans on my side cheered, oops. Bad people, lol. The poor RBR mechanics had to wheel him back and get a penalty and he still retired from the race anyway. And now he has a 10-place grid drop? Poor guy. Anyway, I was pleased because that meant that Fer could get more points. Now for Fer’s move on Nico. IT WAS SHEER BRILLIANCE BUT SO TORTUROUS TO WATCH LIVE. We saw them side by side along the front straight, and then Fer got him at the first corner, then Hulk got Fer at the next, and then Fer again, and it WAS SO EXCITING AND WE CHEERED SO LOUDLY I DON’T KNOW HOW MY HEART IS STILL FUNCTIONING AFTER SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.

But yeah, those were the most important points of the race for me, so that’s covered. I saw them get out of their cars in parc ferme (it was pretty far, but I could make them out by their helmets), and I waited till the anthems played before leaving, because my friend is a fan of Lewis. Then I left. I shouldn’t have, because Benedict interviewed the top three, but I didn’t know that, and I was kind of disappointed because I wanted more than 4th and 12th, but my boys fought hard, and I’m proud nonetheless. And yes, I’m sad that I missed the interview, but what’s done is done, and I want to be happy. Yes, there could have been a better ending to this unprecedented week, but it has been so great, and I am VERY grateful, because I recognise how fortunate I am. To have seen Benedict Cumberbatch in the flesh twice in a week is a lot. To have met him and got his autograph is a lot. So to not have seen him interviewing those three live… well, there are recordings! I’m fine. I want to be happy. There’s no point in being upset. Now I’ll look forward to the next race very happily. Forza Ferrari!

(Also, I left quickly because I didn’t want to get stuck in a jam, but I reached home really fast, haha. Faster than yesterday, because it didn’t rain today. :))

(Friday’s post)

Hello! And I’m back from another insane day. Wow. What a week it has been. First of all, I met Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl, and then saw David Coulthard and Sebastian Vettel and various other famous people. And then this weekend I get to see ALL the F1 people and sit directly in front of my Ferrari garage. As far as perfect weeks go, this one takes the cake. 

So let’s begin from when I reached the circuit. I helped someone take a picture, and they returned the favour for my and a friend. Then I went past the Welcome Centre (This is where the drivers will be signing autographs tomorrow, but I won’t be there in time :c *sniff*) and saw the F1 Village!

Of course, I took pictures with my boys.

Keep fighting, Michael!  

And next we headed to the main grandstand. Just as I walked past one of the huge LED screens, whose face should appear but BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH’S. I LITERALLY SCREECHED. IT WAS A GLIMPSE OF HIM OUTSIDE THE FERRARI GARAGE. I NEARLY FAINTED AND RAN FOR THE ENTRANCE TO THE SEATS OPPOSITE FERRARI, AND SURE ENOUGH, THERE HE WAS! I initially couldn’t believe my eyes, but HE WAS THERE. So yeah, if you’re wondering what all those pictures up there are of, the entire second and third row are of him because I needed somewhere to keep them. These are pictures from my phone and my friend’s phone. I took pictures of the cars with her camera, but I sadly do not have them with me, so here, have pictures of Ben. You can spot Fernando in the picture in the middle of the last row, and obviously the hugest pic is of Ferrari (a.k.a. best team in the world), and the pic on the left of the last row is of the Sky Sports team under umbrellas, because that shower was no joke.

I was sitting under a humongous roof and yet I got sprayed! Also the roof leaked a little in some places, so they need to get that fixed or they will have to deal with irate fans. I mean, these people pay thousands to sit there. They don’t want leaks. 

Okay, I think I’m getting ahead of myself here. Anyway, back to Benedict. THE MAN HAS SUCH GREAT TASTE. HE WAS AT THE GARAGE OF MY FAVOURITE TEAM. I didn’t expect him to be here at all! I mean, I never knew he liked F1. So that was slightly before FP3 started, and wow, I was just so excited! He could have arrived later and just stayed for qualifying, but no, he was there for FP3! And he was in a t-shirt and shorts at first, and then he put on a ridiculous (and also adorable) cap, and then I had to go to the restroom, and couldn’t see where he went next. And apparently earlier he had been at Mercedes, talking to Nico. Then later he popped up at Williams (all the way at the other end of the pitlane!), wearing a beige jacket (A JACKET. IN MALAYSIA. IN THIS HUMIDITY. BEN. WHY.) over another t-shirt. But still wearing that cap. (Also, shows you how hot and humid Sepang is. He needed to change in between FP3 and qualy!) That man is hilarious. He chatted with Felipe and I got really excited. So yeah. Benedict. AT THE MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX. A mixture of two of my favourite things. And this means I’ve seen Benedict twice this week already. I thought I’d never ever see him in the flesh all my life, living where I do, but I’ve seen so much of him this week that I’m almost used to it! Wow. 

(And sorry, you may ignore this part, it’s just for my future reference: Benedict Cumberbatch: “F1 is still utterly thrilling. It feels like you’re on another planet with alien spacecraft landing at your feet.”)


FP3 was okay, but qualy was when things started to get exciting! Well, I mean, first they were boring because the start was delayed for 45 minutes (the rain was no joke, so I wasn’t cross about that). I was in AGONY because the Ferraris didn’t line up at the end of the pitlane with the others immediately, but when they did, we cheered! But other than that, the boring fans never did much cheering. Like, even when Fer came to the front of the garage to look at the rain or whatever, they didn’t yell his name. I wanted to but I was too shy and I felt like they would judge me. WHAT A BORING CROWD. And most of them weren’t Malaysian, so I don’t know why they felt inhibited. I should yell tomorrow.

The spray was amazing to see. It was metres and metres high, literally! I couldn’t get a good picture, but it’s something that needs to be seen with your own eyes. Also, touching on the engines again, I didn’t use my earplugs today, except during the Porsche Carrera qualifying session! Can you imagine that? LOL. And when they come up the back straight, you can hear a rumble from your seat on the front straight, but it’s very different to the roar of previous years! 

Anyway, the cars put on a great show, but so many of them spun out, and I was so worried, especially when Ericsson’s Caterham spun and hit the barriers! It looked so scary. And in Q2 when Daniil went into Fer! I yelled in horror. There was this little boy in front of me and he must have thought me very mad, but dude, I cannot contain my emotions at an F1 race! And when the mechanics worked furiously on Fer’s car, I was staring at them (though I couldn’t see a thing, the mechanics made a human ring around the car to stop the cameramen from getting too close) and fervently hoping that it would be okay. And THEY DID IT. MY WONDERFUL CLEVER BOYS DID IT. I LOVE THIS TEAM SO MUCH ;_; And, well, then everything else happened that you saw on screen! I was so proud of Fer for getting to fourth with that, and Kimi in sixth, yayyy. There were lots of Kimi fans everywhere. But I was cross with Nico for beating Fer to third. Humph. 

I stuck around for a bit after that and then went off. It was still drizzling, but the jam wasn’t very bad. On the way home the rain got a bit heavier and my windscreen wiper fell off, lol. Need to get it fixed before tomorrow! And yeah, I came home. Now to prepare for tomorrow! Goodnight, and Forza Ferrari :D


Benedict at the Malaysian Grand Prix


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"We were laughing about it. Because we spoke about it when we were 14 years old in go-karts. ‘Ah, imagine if, one day, we’re teammates in F1, how cool would that be?’ Well, now all of a sudden it’s happening, which is quite unreal. I didn’t necessarily talk him into it. I tried to stay quite objective. Yes, I mentioned the positives and he asked a few things and I gave honest answers. My answers are all positive because I am positive of the team."

Nico Rosberg on encouraging Lewis Hamilton to join Mercedes 


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He is probably positive on everything. Oh princess…

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— Malaysian GP: Friday —

Helloooo, I’m back from FP1! FP2 is on right now, but I’ve had a long and exciting week, and tomorrow and the day after will be spent at the circuit anyway, so I decided to leave early and get rested before the madness begins in earnest!

There weren’t very many people today, but I kind of like it that way, haha. I got to sit in front of my Ferrari garage as usual <3 The walk to the main grandstands always takes forever, which I don’t like, but once I’m seated with my boys in front of me, I’m content. 

The fans could have been louder. Those that shouted hadn’t much of a voice to speak of. I yelled ‘Fernando’ really loudly one time, but I don’t know if he heard me, haha. I wanted to yell Forza Ferrari but I felt too shy, lol!

Now for the very important thing: THE ENGINES. They are really not loud at all. I didn’t even need to use my earplugs! And I can tell the difference, because last year the roar was so loud that I could barely hear my friend speak, and this year I didn’t even require my earplugs. I’m not going to complain though, because, well, I happen to like not wearing earplugs. But I do miss the roar of the V8s. 

Next: the new noses. To be very honest, I barely even notice how ugly they are, because when you’re at a race, you’re just SO EXCITED! THERE ARE F1 CARS. RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. What more can you ask? Also, on the straight they just whizz past you that you can only marvel at their speed instead of being judgemental about their looks.

About the fans, the Ferrari section definitely was the most packed! Yayyyyyyy. :D And they did quite a few laps each, and Kimi finished the session in 2nd, and Fernando in 11th. 

We saw two cars that had to be pushed from the beginning of the pitlane to their respective garages, a McLaren and a Lotus. Poor mechanics and marshals! 

I don’t really want to report on FP1 because the official F1 websites will do a much better job of that than I will. So yeah, it was fun to go today, and I can’t wait for tomorrow! 


Some pics from today:

Oh, by the way, see that roof over the pit building? It wasn’t there last year! I think it looks pretty cool. Oh, what would I give to be able to enter the paddock ;___________;

I was given this as I walked out. I would have liked one of the Ferrari drivers, but I’ll take what I can get! 

Forza Ferrari!